Your Local Voice is the Loudest

On the National and Global stage our voices are drowned out by the sheer volume of information and opinions. However, as individuals, we still hold immense power within our local communities. Your Local Voice is the Loudest™ is a phrase that highlights the significance of grassroots movements and the importance of community engagement in shaping the most important, impactful world around us - the local one. This article will delve into the reasons why our local voice remains the loudest and most impactful, and how we can harness this power to create a better future.
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Dream It.  Build It.  Make a Difference.

Idaho Local is dedicated to preserving and promoting the unique character of Idaho by:

  • Supporting independent local businesses, entrepreneurs, and musicians.
  • Bringing established elementary & high school Entrepreneur Education curriculums to our youth.
  • Promoting and delivering community-building events.

We believe that by doing this, we can keep the distinctiveness and spirit of Idaho alive and that strong local communities bring hope and inspiration during challenging times.

Local businesses are the foundation of a community economically and by creating a distinctive atmosphere that sets Idaho apart. Local businesses often offer unique products and services that reflect the spirit and flavor of Idaho. By supporting local businesses, we invest in our community's future and help preserve what makes Idaho unique.

Entrepreneurs are the Innovators and Problem-Solvers of our economy.  By supporting entrepreneurs and creating a culture of creativity and ingenuity, we can drive innovation, fuel economic growth, and create new opportunities for individuals and communities. This culture can positively affect mental health by empowering individuals and helping them develop a sense of purpose and agency. When people are given the tools and resources they need to pursue their dreams and passions, they are more likely to feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and improving overall well-being.

Musicians are the storytellers and creators of our community, and they help to keep our local culture and heritage alive. By supporting local musicians and artists, we help to promote and preserve our unique identity and traditions. Musicians and artists often draw inspiration from the landscape, history, and people of Idaho, which helps to keep our community rich and diverse.

A strong community can bring hope and inspiration during challenging times and inspire Idaho’s youth to pursue their dreams. Towards that end, we seek to establish a platform and entrepreneur curriculums for young people to showcase their creative talents (not just artistically) and to learn from the experience and wisdom of others.  Young people need role models who can inspire their natural curiosity and show them that anything is possible if they work hard, become the creative, innovative problem solvers they were meant to be, and are determined to succeed.

Idaho's youth need to see that success is not only measured by financial gain but also by positively impacting their community.  It's essential to instill a broader definition of success that includes not just material wealth, but also the satisfaction and joy that comes from pursuing one's passions, helping others, and making a meaningful difference in their local community and beyond.

At Idaho Local, we are dedicated to preserving Idaho's unique character and bringing hope and inspiration to our community, particularly our youth. We encourage everyone to support independent local businesses, entrepreneurs, and musicians, and to become part of a community that values creativity, innovation, and making a difference. We encourage every Idaho Local to shop locally, attend local events, and support the creative talents in our community - both artistic and non-artistic. Despite our challenges, we can build a brighter future for ourselves and, more importantly, the generations to come, while keeping the uniqueness of Idaho alive.